Why You Aren’t Too Old To See An Orthodontist

Orthodontist Springfield, NJ

Many adults feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to undergo orthodontic treatment with their orthodontist. The truth is that adult orthodontics is very common. Dr. Christel A. Hummert and the team at Garden State Orthodontics knows no age limit while working or living near Springfield, NJIn fact, statistics have shown that one-in-five patients receiving orthodontic treatment is over 21 years old!

Reasons why you may need to see an Orthodontist as an adult in Springfield, NJ

Teeth shift over time

If you had braces as a kid, you may find out as an adult you’ll need them again! This is due to your teeth shifting as you get older.

Raesons for braces as an adult would be:

  • You may be experiencing discomfort caused by a malocclusion
  • Don’t like the look of their misaligned teeth
  • Want straighter teeth for a new you

There are many available treatment options

Many adults shy away from orthodontic treatment with their orthodontist for fear of how they might look while wearing traditional braces during treatment. Adults often associate the idea of braces with traditional metal appliances; the ones that come with awkward adolescent memories. Garden State Orthodontics offers a variety of less obvious and more fashionable orthodontic treatment options than metal braces in Springfield, NJ. These include Invisalign, the clear plastic aligners, and ceramic braces (similar to traditional braces, though clearer and less visible). These two alternatives take the “awkward teenager” concept out of braces and put the “glowing smile” back in.

The cost hasn’t changed much

Cost is important to consider. Depending on how intensive the treatment needs to be, the cost of orthodontic treatment will vary. Often, traditional braces cost $4,000 or more (with some less expensive options also available). Invisalign, or clear braces, will most likely be a bit higher in price (ranging from about $5,000 to a possible $10,000). Depending on how extensive the treatment plan, the price may be relatively equivalent.

Many orthodontists offer a free consultation

Many orthodontists today offer a free consultation to determine your treatment options, cost, and length of treatment. Garden State Orthodontics consultations include photographs, a medical history review, and a panoramic X-ray that gives a full-mouth view.

Braces can build your confidence

How many times have you been told to “dress to impress” for a job interview, a date, or a social event? Dressing your best means sporting your best accessory; your smile. That age-old saying “When you look good, you feel good” certainly includes the appearance of your smile. A perfect smile can change everything about your look, boosting your confidence, and even brightening your future. Dr. Hummert can help you get your perfect smile in Springfield, NJ. She will straighten your teeth, improve your bite, and, most importantly, enhance your smile.

Dr. Hummert and the team at Garden State Orthodontics are experts in orthodontic care. If you have any questions pertaining to braces, clear braces, Invisalign, or Invisalign Teen in Springfield, NJ, Maplewood, NJ, Union, NJ, Summit, NJ, Short Hills, NJ, Mountainside, NJ, Millburn, NJ or 07081 zip code area, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Hummert, contact Garden State Orthodontics at: (973) 379-4471.