Thanks for choosing Garden State Orthodontics to provide you with the highest level of orthodontic care available!

While we can give you precise and custom treatment plans to suit your needs, we do need for you to take care of your braces, Invisalign, appliances, and retainers to ensure that your oral health is maintained during and after the treatment process. Below you will find some information to help keep your appliances clean and properly maintained, as well as keep your beautiful smile nice and healthy for many years to come:

How to Care for Your Invisalign:

One of the main benefits of treatment with Invisalign is that you can brush and floss as you normally would. Keeping your Invisalign Clear Aligners nice and clean will help ensure that your oral health is maintained during the treatment process!



How to Care for Your Fixed Braces:

While having braces may pose a few extra challenges in keeping your teeth and gums clean, follow these simple guidelines and you will experience less difficulty during your treatment with braces.




Palatal Expander Instructions:

Follow these simple guidelines for using your palatal expander, and there will be enough room for your teeth to shift into the right places before you know it!




Separator Instructions:

Separators are simple and easy to install, and will help considerably in giving your teeth enough room to move. Just follow these instructions and your teeth will be looking good!




Types of Retainers (Comparison Sheet):

We have several different types of retainers to choose from, which have different pros and cons. Dr. Hummert and the staff will be happy to answer any of your questions when choosing the right appliance for your retention stage.



Removable Retainer Instructions:

Wearing and caring for your retainers is just as important as taking care of your Invisalign or braces during treatment. Follow these guidelines and your retainers will last longer!




Bonded Retainer Instructions:

Bonded retainers can be more convenient and reliable than removable retainers, but they will require some extra care. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your oral hygiene is maintained during your retention stage.